A Post Divorce Checklist Can Help You Prioritize What You Need to Do Now

Whether you are finalizing a negotiated divorce or are fighting for a contested one, the next steps after a dissolution of marriage can be overwhelming. A divorce judgment lays out the necessary steps to follow in the aftermath of the dissolution, including the steps for your spouse and your attorney. A post divorce checklist can help you prioritize what you need to do now. In addition to reviewing the judgment, your attorney can also provide you with legal advice.

Before you begin the post divorce checklist, you should gather all your assets. It is especially important to take a few minutes to gather your most recent statements. Make a note of account numbers and photocopy anything that you don’t have in your possession. In addition, make a list of any debts. You may need to change your passwords and automatically deposit funds into your bank account. You may also want to consult with a divorce attorney to make sure that your financial situation is secure.

You may also need to make copies of important documents and information. Your divorce decree will likely require that you get additional copies or certified originals of documents. You may also need a new email account. Don’t use your previous shared email account. You’ll need a new password and a new email account. If you’ve already shared an account, it’s probably best to create a new one under your own name. Once you’ve opened a new email account, make sure you have a valid copy of your divorce decree.

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