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Why Are There So Few NFL Games Per Season?

In addition to being physically demanding, football is also a very exclusive sport. Unlike many other sports, NFL teams do not let fans watch the games on TV. Fans wait for weeks or even months before they can catch a match between their favorite team and another. Having 20 games in a season is simply unsustainable. Furthermore, football’s high rate of body wear and tear can lead to players suffering from injuries.

Many NFL owners have expressed frustration with the number of games played each season. Many are arguing that teams should play more games, but the league’s current CBA locks it into a 17-game schedule through 2031. That’s not a sustainable model, and the NFL is trying to change it. One recent proposal proposes that teams play 18 games before 2031. While the league has yet to implement the change, the NFL has been tone-deaf in its response to criticism of its current schedule.

While NFL players are concerned about the league’s financial situation, most of them support the league’s decision to play fewer games. There are several reasons why. In 1977, the NFLPA and players union decided to cut the number of preseason games from six to four. The NFL also agreed to give players a larger revenue share. However, the players’ union was not thrilled with the change. As a result, the players union passed the new schedule by 60 votes.

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