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What Type of People Buy Luxury Designer Handbags?

There are two types of peope who purchase luxury designer handbags: crisis shoppers and romantic shoppers. One group prefers designer handbags due to their high resale value. Another group opts for popular designer handbags due to their high popularity. These types of shoppers tend to be brand loyalists and will not compromise on price if the bag does not meet their standards. Luxury handbags are among the most popular items for both types of consumers.

According to Cassie Smart, head of womenswear at MatchesFashion, luxury handbags are not just for celebrities. They are also a great way to express individual style. Many women buy luxury designer handbags to accessorize their looks. A woman who owns one or more designer handbags may be considered a celebrity because of their popularity. Others may be interested in buying the luxury item but have little or no need for it.

Authenticity is of utmost importance when purchasing a luxury item. Luxury brands hand-make their pieces, which makes it difficult to fake them. Each bag has a unique number of layers and materials. Louis Vuitton bags even label every bag with the week and year it was made. However, you should avoid buying fake designer handbags unless you are sure of their authenticity.

Reselling is also becoming a trend for some people. The resale market is booming, and many retailers report huge increases in sales. In fact, the luxury goods industry is predicted to grow by 10 to 15 percent in the next few years. The question then is: will people be willing to pay high prices for luxury items? If so, how much value will these items hold over time?

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