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What Information Do Business Cards Include?

A lot of people wonder: What information do business cards include? The answer may surprise you. In the first place, the cards should include your name, address, and phone number. Your email address is particularly important because it is the most common way to contact you. The rest of the information should be easily legible and aligned. If you’re primarily accessible via email, emphasize your email address by making it larger than your phone number.

Other important information for business cards includes the company name, phone number, and website URL. The name of the company should be prominently displayed and written in text, but you can also incorporate it into your logo. Your mailing address is optional, but it is beneficial if you have a physical storefront. Other information to include on your business card should include your job title, if applicable. Including these details will help people remember you more easily.

A good business card is a window into the quality of your company. Approximately 72 percent of people make a first impression based on the quality of a business card. Your card can either make or break your business. If it’s not of high quality, you might even lose a potential customer because you didn’t make a great impression on them. You don’t want this to happen, so take the time to create an eye-catching design that makes your potential clients look twice.

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