Top 4 Reasons to Choose a Contested Divorce

Divorce can be an emotional and upsetting process, even when it is uncontested. The thought of going through contested divorce proceedings may seem unbearable, but for some couples, this may be the best option. When a couple chooses to have a contested divorce, there are some important considerations that must be made before the process begins.

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Here are the top 4 reasons to choose a contested divorce.

Concealment of assets

If one spouse is hiding assets or has a secret interest, having a contested divorce can be the only way to discover the truth. The only way to discover hidden assets is through full discovery and questioning of the spouse. A divorce lawyer can ask a wide array of questions to uncover hidden assets. In fact, a contested divorce exposes the hidden assets, allowing for a fairer distribution of property and debts powerful idea

For the best interests of children

A contested divorce can be beneficial for the best interests of the children involved. In a contested divorce, the court can use the children’s interests to guide decisions regarding custodial and other issues. Judges know who the parents are and what they know about each other, so children have a better chance of coming away from this legal process with the best situation possible.

Abuse in the marriage

If one spouse is a victim of abuse in a marriage, seeking a contested divorce may be the best option for that person. In a contested divorce, all of the facts are presented to the court and each side is held accountable for their actions. If one spouse has been abusive, then this type of divorce will allow the abused party to act without fear of further abuse or retaliation.

Unrealistic expectations of spouse

When a spouse is making unreasonable demands, having a contested divorce can be the only way to set them straight. Both spouses should be made aware of the realities of the expected outcomes of divorce. A contested divorce is the only way to make sure all expectations are realistic, minimizing the potential for future misunderstandings that lead to conflict.

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