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Small Bathroom Renovations Made Easy

The crowded cities of Attadale and Kenwick are just some locations in the world where space is a hot commodity. With the world fitting itself into smaller and upgraded apartments, learning how to work with small spaces is necessary. For instance, anyone can come up with ideas to renovate a massive bathroom at a country house, but small bathroom renovations in Perth apartments need experts.

Whether it is the lack of square footage and natural light or the number of fixtures to squeeze into the limited space, making a tiny bathroom appear spacious is a challenging task in Perth. But with the help of an expert, you can make full use of the tiny space available without spending a fortune on it.

Things to Keep in Mind While Renovating Small Bathrooms

To DIY this bathroom renovation, you need to have a vision that addresses more than space-related concerns. You must consider design elements, ventilation, functionality, and much more while searching showrooms in Perth. Here are a few ideas you can use while renovating your cramped bathroom.

Ends of the Colour Spectrum

When choosing the wall colours for small bathrooms, one way to make the space appear large and airy is with light and bright colours. When you opt for soft colours, the walls reflect more light, making the space look flooded with natural light. For anyone who knows the basics of design, this is the first lesson you can use to enlarge your cramped space.

On the other hand, if you want to make your tiny bathroom look more spacious, the next choice is to paint the walls in dark colours. That’s right, go for the darkest colours you can with a glossy finish. This will give you the feeling of looking into the vast night sky. And the glossy finish means the light will bounce off the space you have. You must be careful about the kind of light fixtures you choose because they will be a major part of your bathroom.

All Mirror, No Smoke

Having a mirror in the bathroom is essential, but what if you had a mirror wall? It may sound a little absurd, but a wall of mirrors is one of the ways you can enhance the space and light in the room. It will work the same way a window does and can be especially helpful if you cannot install a proper window in the bathroom. If you are uncomfortable with a mirror wall, you can install multiple mirrors in the bathroom. This will also help in improving the lighting in suburban Claremont.

Play Fast and Loose with Shower Doors

If you are breaking your bathroom down to the basics and remodelling the place, think of what you can do with the shower doors. You can either take them out of the equation entirely or install glass shower doors, as they open up space like no other.

If you don’t have the provision for a shower door, you can play around with the shower curtains too. Take them up to the top if you can. This will give the illusion of a larger bathroom. Otherwise, ensure that the bathroom tiles extend to the shower, making the room more spacious.

Final Thoughts

Living in limited space in Fremantle or Canning Vale requires creativity. You can only do small bathroom renovations in Perth buildings with an expert. This way, your tiny bathroom can be your favourite space.

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