NoBudge – A New Way to Watch Films

NoBudge has been around for nearly a decade. Originally a Tumblr blog, it has grown into a streaming service and associated apps for iOS, Roku, and Android. In that time, NoBudge has been reimagined to fit the changing needs of filmgoers. While its origins were in the internet, the service has grown beyond its humble beginnings, redefining how people watch films and how the internet itself is used

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The site features films made with limited resources. Founded by filmmaker Audley, NoBudge is becoming a thriving indie film community dedicated to promoting low-budget indie films. Rather than focusing on movies made on a shoestring budget, NoBudge also features films produced by filmmakers with wide-ranging backgrounds. It also offers a community that provides support to those filmmakers who would otherwise not have the means to make a full-length feature

NoBudge celebrates creative freedom in independent films. It is a premier destination for short films and other works of art. With a budget of under $100,000, NoBudge’s films are a perfect alternative to traditional theatrical distribution, which comes with its own logistical and financial headaches. In fact, the name NoBudge evokes an essential stubbornness and the ability to make do with minimal means. The films on NoBudge are also available to stream on Apple TV, Roku, iOS, and Android

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