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In the USA, we are fortunate enough to have a fascinatingly talented and highly-regarded cultural industry that exists outside the realm of film made for an audience other than its own. This is movie-making, for example, but it’s also music-making, theater-making, journalism-making, and so much more. The industry is home to some of the most brilliant and original minds in the world who each have their running battle plan against the rest of us. Here’s a glimpse into what Hollywood has to offer – particularly if you’re a fan of movies or TV shows:

Adult Swim

The American television programming juggernaut Adult Swim has been around since 1997, but its latest series, Adult Swim:juvenile, which starts its HBO date on October 6, uses the platform’s fresh and updated Adult Swim brand to launch a world of comedy and entertainment. The first season of Adult Swim features 26 different programs, including The COLE O’LEGEND, an irreverent series about a group of kids who turn their parched, mainly rural, backyard into a world of entertainment; Adult Swim’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series; and, of course, the popular Adult Swim show, Adult Hangover. Adult Swim is both critically and commercial success, with seasons two and three premiering on HBO and Comedy Central, respectively. Adult Swim is not afraid to take a heavy dose of risks, as the first season of Adult Hangover (which follows a group of photographers on a wine tour of Paris) found the hosts, Dan Harmon ( crisply earned his first Emmy nomination) and Seth Macfarlane ( best supporting actor ), facing off against the full force of the cinema and social media. Adult Hangover is a moving, powerful film that takes us back to a time when there was a time to be silly, when the internet was a thing, and young people still did things the right way. It’s not just adult humour that Adult Hangover pays homage to, either—the film features a similar mix of pop culture, surreal imagery, and tongue-in-cheek humor that you’re guaranteed to roll with in a day of Netflix and Adult Hangover. Adult Hangover is a great introduction to the world of Adult Sw Mash, and with a season two premiere on HBO next year, we can expect the same level of excellence.

ESPN Films

The studio system at ESPN Films works just fine as it is, but when the doors open to an entirely new theater project, it’s like opening a brand new account from the pages of history. This year marks the return of ESPN Films’ biopic of former NBA star Michael Jordan, The Last Play, which stars Michael B. Jordan ( as well as Jordan’s two kids, 18-year-old Zion and 16-year-old Noah) as Michael Jordan. The film tells the story of Michael’s rise to stardom through the eyes of his friends and family, and it also stars John Legend, Keke Julian, Adrien Brody, and many other familiar faces. Over the course of the first season of The Last Play, the actors and team members pass through different stages of transformation, as they attempt to heal the family after the death of Michael’s parents. The film is a compelling look at a family that transformed into one of the most iconic teams in NBA history, and it’s packed with incredible visuals, including some rare footage of Michael on the court before he retired.

## FOX Networks Group

This media company, whose brands include Fox, Fox Business, and Fox Television, has been in business for only 15 months, but already it has established itself as a major force in the entertainment biz. The network’s shows, including The Great Gatsby and The Hangover, have become household names and icons in their own right, as they’ve been recognized by millions of people around the world. In its first year of operations, Fox Networks Group booked six direct-to-consumer (DTC) movies, including The Hangover, The Great Gatsby, and The Hangover 2, which features the reunited reunited Gatsby and Hanks families. The Hangover achieved massive box office success and proved that you can still make a great film no matter where you are in the world. It’s been twenty-five years since Gatsby was released, and it still has a powerful impact on the moviegoing world. The Hangover has been selected as the Best Director honors at the 2008 Oscars, and its success is a direct result of the film’s success.

## Columbia Pictures

Columbia Pictures is a studio group that has been in business since 1915. During that time, the studio group has been a major player in the American film and television industry. It was co-founded by Walt Disney and Walt Moulton, who would go on to found production company MCA. The studio group has been working in feature films and television shows since 1999, when it released its first feature, Cinderella, which starred Emma Stone as the title character. The Disney Company has the largest film library in the world with more than 1,100 feature films, including classics by Walt Disney and Disneynature, as well as contemporary classics. In addition to feature films, the studio group has successfully released several documentaries, children’s books, and digital-first releases, as well as produced and distributed several independent feature films.

## DreamWorks Animation Studios

In the business of creating creative digital-first experiences for audiences, DreamWorks Animation’s studio group has one of the most successful histories in Hollywood. The studio group was formed in 2004 by longtime Disney/Pixar employee Shari Redstone, who later became part of the studio group with her husband, Michael Eisner. In the years since, the studio group has released a number of hit digital-first experiences, including Shari’s Great Resignation, Shari’s American Adventure, and Disney+’s School of Rock. The studio group also produced the critically acclaimed Disney+ series Wreck-It-R, which follows builders Vermin and Ripper, as well as the computer-generated comedy BoJack the Fan, which is set in the virtual world of the Internet.

## 20th Century Fox Television

If there’s one industry that’s been lucky enough to draw in viewers and fans from all over the world, it’s TV, as proven by the wide and loyal audience of The Voice. The season two premiere of The Voice raised eyebrows when it became the first LIVE show to be televised in whole or part from the United States since The Rocky Horror Picture Show in 1964. The premiere also marked the debut of the late-night talk show hosts Ryan Seacrest andios and Jimmy Fallon, who will be executive-in-chief and general manager of the show for the next two seasons. The Voice won seven Emmys, including best variety show, special awards, and original programming, and it’s the perfect story for an expansion of the entertainment industry.

## The Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company has been around for almost as long as Walt Disney World, which opened as a amusement park in Florida in 1901, and is still a major part of the American landscape today. The Disney brand was first introduced to the American marketplace in 1921 with the introduction of Disneyland, which became the first Hollywood logo. The Walt Disney Company, which was started in 1955, has been a part of the Disney portfolio since then. The company has executed successful business ventures in media, including film and television, and has been relatively successful in the business of entertainment.

## #Nickelodeon Movies

The number one selling movie in the United States is Finding Dory, which is followed by The Lion King, Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast. The next group of movies on the list are Speed, Inc., Pacific Rim, and other titles from Disney’s libraries. The last movie on the list is Avatar, which stars Idris Elba as the next big thing, and it’s the most recent installment in the series of Disney’s animated films.

## #Adult Sw TV

The first season of Adult Sw, which is set to premiere on HBO on October 6, features a variety of adult- oriented shows, including TheBob and Bob’s Burgers, The Simpsons, The Book of Amazing Facts, and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. The series is produced by 20th Century Fox TV and Disney, which will air the season two premiere on DisneyNOW.

## The Baseball Network

The Baseball Network is a sports network that has been in

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